Note: My wife, Eva, was led by the Holy Spirit to setup this website.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I was led to start this new website where people can post Bible scriptures and compare them to sections from Ray’s prophecies. Often when I read the Bible I think of things that are stated in Ray's prophecies and I realize that they are talking about the same issues, only the style is different.


There are a lot of people who claim that the prophecies are not from God. They say: “God wouldn’t speak that way” or “God wouldn’t do that”. But sometimes these people don’t have any idea of what it says in the Bible. We, who believe in the prophecies, can show them what it says in the Bible. There is so much in the Bible that is just like the prophecies. We just need to find these places!


This is something everyone can do. We don’t all get prophecies or visions, but we can all study the Bible, and when we find something that reminds us from the Prophecy Books, we can just write it down and send it to the person/persons who take care of this website.


We are all parts of the Body of Christ. We ALL have a gift to bring into the Body of Christ. Like pieces of a puzzle, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can all be a part of the process where we show people the WHOLE reality of Jesus Christ.


When you read the Bible, always pray to the Holy Spirit to open your understanding to the Truths of God. And if, while studying the Bible, you find something that reminds you clearly of the prophecies, and you feel led to do it, please send us the Bible scripture and the section from the prophecies and we will post it.


There are already some very useful comparisons between Ray's Prophecies and the Bible out there (look Jack Barr's link). The goal of this comparison is to encourage the individual reader to activly study the Bible and the Prophecies and to look for similarities and proof that both have come from the same SOURCE - God the Father. You can ALL contribute in the making of this website.


Why is it important to find scriptures that proove the prophecies are from God? Because there might soon come a time when we must defend the prophecies to people who want to confront us about them. And we need to know what to answer them.


When you want to make your comparison, you don't have to post each and every Prophecy and Bible scripture there is that proves your point (an endless task). Just write a short comment that explanes the point you want to make and put one or a few sections of prophecies/Biblescriptures for us to read as an example. (please view the titles on the left that are comparisons made by me. You can use them as an example) You can also put a couple of references from the Bible and prophecies if you want, for those who want to study your subject further. The goal is to make it short and sweat and easy for the busy reader!


Again, we would need people who would be willing to take care of this site. If anyone feels led by the Holy Spirit to do this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Eva Aguilera